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Let’s Run Paris (LRP) is a collective of international runners, based in the French capital. It started as a group of friends who wanted to train for marathons and half-marathons together. After a successful first season, we decided to open up the group to other runners in the community and offer them the opportunity to train with us for all types of races from 5k to marathons (and even further!) taking place in the Paris region and beyond.

We officially launched Let’s Run Paris on December 1st, 2012, and we’ve been going strong ever since. We are a dynamic and friendly group of runners, and we’d love to have you join us! Aside from the training we also organise social events.

This page provides the main information about our group in one place, but to ask questions and to register to take part (it’s free!) go to our events list on our Facebook  or Meet-up pages.





Frequently Asked Questions:

When and where do you run?

We run every Saturday morning and Monday evening:

On Saturday mornings, we meet at 9am at the café “Le Cercle Luxembourg,” 1, rue Gay Lussac, 75005. The nearest station is Luxembourg (RER Line B) – take the Exit/Sortie 2 ‘Rue Gay Lussac’). Cluny La Sorbonne (Metro Line 10) is also not too far away. Plan your journey using this site.

On Saturdays we do long runs of a different distance each week. Some of us meet back at the café for a drink or breakfast afterwards.

On Saturday there are usually four pace groups:

  • 5 min / km
  • 5:30 min / km
  • 6 min / km
  • 7 min / km

On Monday evenings we meet at 8pm at Nation, by the bar “Le Triomphe,” 6 place de la Nation, 75012. The nearest station is Nation (Metro lines 1, 2, 6, 9 and RER Line A). The station is a bit of a maze so allow some time for orientation. Plan your journey using this site.

We always run 10k on Mondays

On Mondays there are three pace groups:

  • 5 min / km
  • 6 min / km
  • 7 min / km

Each run is posted on our Facebook and Meet-up pages a few days in advance and a link to the route is included.

Please check the details each week – occasionally a run might be canceled or will start from a different location.

Alongside our training we enter several races as a group throughout the Paris area (and further afield) throughout the year. Click here to see the upcoming events that we will be attending, and discuss on our Facebook forum.

Can I leave a bag at the meeting location?

On Saturday mornings whenever we start from “Le Cercle Luxembourg,” you are welcome to leave a bag (no valuables) at the café. On Monday evenings it’s OK to leave a bag at ‘Le Triomphe’ bar – some of us go there for a drink afterwards.

What should I bring to the run?

Always bring your transportation card (Navigo, metro tickets, Velib) in case for any reason you are unable to complete the run. For long distances and in hot weather, don’t forget to bring water and if needed, snacks/gels. It is also recommended to carry an identity card and a small amount of cash.

Do I have to run the full distance?

Absolutely not! Just take a look at the route in advance to get an idea of where you might conveniently stop if you don’t want to run the full distance. When you do stop, please let one of the pacers know that you are leaving. It is common for some of our runners to do only part of the distance, especially on the longer Saturday runs. If you drop out early on a Saturday, then please join us later at “Le Cercle Luxembourg” for brunch if you like.

I have never run with a group before. How do I know which pace group to join?

We always post the available pace groups on the event invite. If you know your personal running pace, choose the group that most closely corresponds. If the pace is too fast, please stop and wait for the next pace group. If you are running with the slowest group, simply complete the distance that feels comfortable and stop when you need to. In both cases, always let a pacer know when you are leaving the group.

How do I get a medical certificate for an official race in France?

You will need to visit a doctor in France or in your home country and have them fill out a medical certificate that includes your name, date of birth and the phrase, “no contraindication to running in competition” or in French: “non contre-indication à la pratique de la course à pied en compétition.”

You will find models of the certificate in both French and English under the “files” tab of the Facebook group page, or here’s one from the Paris Marathon. It must be dated no more than 12 months before the date of the event, signed and also stamped. In France, any general doctor can provide this service, or you can consult our list of sports doctors (see link below). If you are running several races in France over the course of a year, it is helpful to scan the certificate so that you can either upload an electronic version when registering for a race or print out a copy for each event.

I’m injured! Can you recommend a sports doctor, physio, kine. massage therapist?

See this list of personal recommendations from LRP members.

Where in Paris can I buy running gear?

Check out our list of stores here.

I signed up to run a race, but I am no longer able to participate. How do I transfer my registration to someone else?

Most races do not allow the official transfer of a race bib to another runner.
Some people who cannot participate in the race choose to sell their bib to someone else who then runs under the name of the person who originally registered. There are some facebook groups that are dedicated to these types of exchanges: Un dossard pour un départ and  #boostbrocante

A few races (such as the 20 km de Paris) offer the possibility to legally transfer your race bib via Luck-it.com.

How do I order the LRP T-Shirt?

Orders are placed at specific times throughout the year. Watch the posts or contact Hamza Khalid.

Can I share my running fundraiser on the LRP page or advertise/promote my brand/service/product?

No forms of advertisement, promotional materials or requests for money are allowed on the LRP page. Thanks for understanding.